Wrought Iron Fence El Paso Tx

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences

With wrought iron fences, there is no need to compromise between form and functionality. The beauty of a wrought iron fence can often distract from its effectiveness as a measure of security and safety, however, our fences will protect your property from trespassers and other uninvited guests while keeping pets and small children from wandering into potentially dangerous situations beyond the boundaries of your yard. We offer ornamental wrought iron fences in a range of styles as well as custom fences designed to meet your discerning tastes and specific needs. Speak with our fence builders to let us know what you are looking for.

Driveway Gates

In addition to our professional fence services, we can assist clients with a variety of other related needs, including wrought iron driveway gate installations and repairs. Our team is able to consistently deliver the highest quality workmanship for our clients thanks to their years of experience and extensive training. No matter the project, we strive to provide our clients with the best results.

Pool Fence

An unsecured pool raises a number of safety concerns. A curious toddler can fall into the water while playing outside or an inebriated guest at your party may unintentionally wander into the pool and injure themselves. As a homeowner, you may be held liable for any accidents resulting from a failure to secure your pool area. Many accidents can be prevented by installing a pool fence to restrict access to the pool when it is not under supervision. Our wrought iron pool fences help to protect our clients and their loved ones without detracting from the beauty of the pool itself. When there is a pool on your property, it is important to take measures to reduce the likelihood of unfortunate accidents. Contact us to find out what you can do to make sure your property is a safe place for your friends and family to enjoy.

Repairs and Installations

Working with a wrought iron fence can be much different than installing or repairing a wood or vinyl fence. At El Paso Fence Service, our trusted experts have the full set of skills and experience necessary to help you with any fencing problem or concern that you may encounter. From custom fence installations to automatic driveway gate repairs, we offer a wide range of services to help our clients maintain the privacy, safety, and security of their property.