Wood Fence El Paso Texas

There is a reason that wood has long been a top choice for residential fencing. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also one of the most durable and easy to maintain materials. Wood can withstand a range of harsh weather conditions, making it the perfect material for any environment. The long life expectancy it offers offsets the cost of a new fence installation by delivering excellent long-term value. Among the various types of wood, cedar is the most desirable due to its strength, beauty, and superior hardiness. For professional and affordable wood fence installations and repairs, let the team at El Paso Fence Service assist you.

Maximum Privacy

If privacy is a high priority for you, a cedar wood fence is one of the best options you can choose. Our cedar fences are often constructed a solid wood structure without any gaps between panels. They effectively serve as a wall around your property to prevent curious eyes from looking into your yard or home. We provide our clients with the ability to fully customize the design of their fence to ensure that it delivers the form and functionality they are looking for. Everything from the height to the style of a wood fence can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Natural Beauty

Wood is a material that is naturally pleasing to the eye. While it can be stained or painted, this is typically not necessary in order to achieve a beautiful look. In particular, cedar has an attractive coloration that is rich, vibrant, and warm, making it a perfect backdrop for any landscape. Our company uses the highest quality cedar wood to ensure that our clients have a fence that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Low Maintenance

While the upfront cost of a new fence often carries significant weight in the decision a client makes regarding the fencing material that they choose, it is also important to consider the costs that may be incurred for the maintenance and repair of your fence throughout its lifetime. Low quality materials will often present with frequent problems and require more extensive maintenance over time. The durability of cedar means that it is able to withstand the elements with minimal deterioration or loss of integrity.

Long Life Expectancy

When you make the decision to install a new fence, you are making an investment in your property. Fences provide privacy, safety, and security for your home and your family. They can provide you with peace of mind while your child is playing in the yard or while you relax alone in your yard. At El Paso Fence Tx, we want to provide our clients with a fence that will last and bring them years and years of beauty and utility. That is why our company is selective about the materials that we use and the people that we employ. Our fence builders are chosen from among the best of the best based on their skills, experience, work ethic, and expertise.