What Is a Board-to-Board Fence?

Board fences are reasonably easy to construct, and appealing because they are economic and visually attractive. A board fence makes a great privacy barrier. These fences do take some time and effort to construct, but doing it yourself can save you a bundle on labor costs.

Things to Know Before You Build a Fence


Board fences are ideal fencing solutions for many people because they fit a wide variety of needs. Board fences make great privacy fences, or you can use them as a quick way to delineate a backyard or spruce up landscaping. They can be highly decorative as well, if add in a little creativity in arrangement of the boards.


Split-rail fences will not keep much in unless you line them with wire mesh, but they are easy to erect and give a yard a rustic feel. You can also build a board on board fence to use as a privacy fence. Small picket fences are generally a type of board on board fence that is shorter and may be slightly less sturdy.

How to Install Wood Panel Privacy Fencing


Stop here or fill in between the posts. Board fences are designed around a wooden scaffold that is also made of boards and posts. You will set posts in the ground and then create a loose framework of boards that connect the posts. At this point, your fence will look something like a split-rail fence. If you like, you can then fill in the spaces between the posts with upright boards.


When you are building a board fence, you want to make sure it will last. Cedar is a good type of wood to use because it resists rot and repels insects. Treat the cut ends of the posts with wood preservative. Even if you are building a short fence–four feet high or slightly less–your posts should be sunk three feet in the ground to ensure that they remain sturdy.


Board fences are a great option for neighborhoods with strict covenants on fencing because they are reasonably easy to erect and are much more appealing than wire fencing, which is often prohibited in neighborhoods. You can build a board fence a small piece at a time, and they are fairly simple to put up over the course of three or four weekends. You can get creative by adding additional horizontal support beams or alternatiing the sides on which the boards are nailed to the crosspieces.

How to Repair a Picket Fence


Work with your neighbors and/or your homeowners association when you are planning the construction of your fence. Even if your fence is entirely on your land, you can impact the growth of grass and other plants in your neighbor’s lawn with fence construction. Building codes may also determine what type of fence you can build or how you set your posts in the ground, so check these things to avoid lawsuits, damages, and hard feelings later.

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